The Top 5 Most Haunted Paintings.


I wanted to write something really intelligent to introduce the following paintings but all I can seem to muster up is that I hate all the people in the Facebook group “F**k it, Let’s Have A Beer ~ The Legends”. They made me do it and I had to keep stopping and starting as it has given me a serious case of the willies. Reading the back story to these paintings is not only terrifying, its downright outrageous that they are still floating around on the planet. Why they have not been put through a furnace is beyond me.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think if you make it to the end. I will be adding a little video there for you all.

The Anguished Man

The Anguished Man ~ Artist unknown.

A gentleman by the name of Sean Robinson said his grandmother stored this creepy painting in her attic for twenty-five years, claiming it was haunted by the artist who created it, who reportedly used his own blood as a pigment and then committed suicide.

Sean’s grandmother kept this painting locked in her attic and claimed to have heard voices and crying sounds coming from there on a regular basis. She also swore she saw a shadowy figure of a man in her house. Why she didn’t run and burn the house down is beyond me. Lucky for Sean he inherited the painting and like every normal crazy person, decided to take it to his home where he lived with his wife and child.

Sean began reporting strange activity that was eerily similar to the stories from his grandmother–crying sounds and visions of a shadow man. The activity escalated to the point where his wife began to feel that something was stroking her hair. After his son inexplicably ‘fell’ down the stairs (the boy claims a presence pushed him). WHY on EARTH would you stay there. It fascinates me.

Robinson set up a camera overnight to try to capture the paranormal activity. Watch the video and let me know what you think!

The Hands Resist Him by Bill Stoneham

The Hands Resist Him by Bill Stoneham

This painting is said to be one of the most haunted in the world and has a very disturbing backstory.

“The Hands Resist Him” is artist Bill Stoneham’s homage to a photo taken of him when he was a child, with the title taken from a poem written by his wife. The painting, completed in 1974, is so scary to look at on its own. There is just something so creepy about it… Interviewed about it, Stoneham explains: “The hands were all of the possibilities….You were left with the question, ‘Are these disembodied hands? Are they dismembered, floating there in space? Or are they connected to bodies?’”

Within only a few years of its completion, three men closely associated with the painting–including the gallery owner who first contracted it and the patron (Godfather actor John Marley) who first purchased it–were dead. Again, why these kinds of paintings are not burnt to a crisp is beyond me.

Next to own the painting was a couple from California. They reported the children in the painting were moving around at night, and sometimes they disappeared from the painting altogether. I would have been in the fetal position.

People who came to the home would report feeling unwell, babies would cry around the painting and wait for it … friends reported feeling like they were being lightly tickled by unseen hands.

The couple got rid of the painting and for the next 26 years “The Hands Resist Him” actually sat at the back of a California brewery turned art space. In 2000, the painting resurfaced in an eBay listing. Here is a copy of what the owners wrote.


Would you buy this painting? inquiring minds wanna know!

Italian painter Bruno Amadio, “The Crying Boy,”


Created by Italian painter Bruno Amadio, “The Crying Boy,” was one of a series of mass-produced prints of weeping children staring straight ahead in distress. In 1985, strange stories began to surface about “The Crying Boy” in particular.

“According to a report in The Sun, a firefighter in England claimed that several copies of “The Crying Boy” had inexplicably survived dozens of house fires. The firefighter went on to say that neither he nor his fellow fireman would allow any version of the painting in their homes as they believed the series was cursed. Households with “The Crying Boy” reportedly had a high rate of fires, which caused some to speculate that the paintings were somehow setting homes ablaze. After reading the article in The Sun, many people were eager to get rid of the paintings, so the tabloid organized a Halloween bonfire to destroy the prints.”

Here is a video by the BBC of someone not trying very hard to burn the painting… I mean come on. Get scissors, flamethrowers, an ax and a massive grave. Problem solved.

The Portrait of Bernardo De Galvez


The Hotel Galvez in Galveston, TX is renowned for housing several paranormal entities. Chief among them is the spirit of Spanish military leader Bernardo de Galvez, who fought for the American colonies during the Revolutionary War. He died in 1786, but according to countless observers, the portrait of him that hangs at the end of a downstairs hallway at Hotel Galvez is haunted by the man’s ghost. Yep, this ole fella thinks its perfectly okay to follow people with his eyes as they walk past. I would simply poke them out of his head and add those wobbly eyes. Problem solved.

Bernardo not only likes to watch you, but he wants permission, yes, you read that right, to take his photograph. GIVE ME A BREAK! Apparently, if you do not ask Mr follow eyes for his permission your photos will turn out blurry. It would seem even ghosts have lost their manners these days.

The Painting Of A Paranormal Photograph.


In the early 90s, artist Laura P. created a painting based on a supposedly paranormal photograph taken by commercial photographer James Kidd. Kidd had taken a photo of a stagecraft in Tombstone, Arizona and upon developing it noticed something surprising: perched on a log left of the wagon there was a figure that had not originally been present when the photo was taken; moreover, the figure appeared to be missing its head.

After hearing the story in person from Kidd, Laura was inspired to create a 16 x 20-inch oil painting based on the photo. Almost immediately upon beginning her work, she says, she was struck with unease as to why she had chosen this subject. After finishing it, she hung it for display at a local business, but within three days she was called back to remove the painting because the people who worked in the office claimed that the painting was moving on its own, causing papers to go missing and, in general, making people feel uncomfortable.

The painting was returned and eventually taken along with Laura and her husband when they moved to their new home…where the anomalies continued–strange, small occurrences that persisted for years and always seemed to involve the painting or happen in close proximity to it.

Laura told some friends about the painting and one of them doubted the story vehemently and demanded to see the canvas with her own eyes. Upon seeing it, she laughed at it. According to Laura: “That night at [the woman’s] house, a clock that had been on the wall for 40 years, fell down and broke into a hundred pieces.”

Finally, a friend took some photos of the painting (which is weird in its own way, given that the painting itself is based on a photo). The friend claims he had laid the photos out on the table in his home and that when he went outside he saw a white hazy figure that seemed to be missing its head. He got rid of the photos immediately.

Laura now regrets ever painting the paranormal stagecoach and wants to destroy it…. WELL DUH!

Now, this is a collection of the top 10 allegedly cursed objects that could kill you! HOORAY!
Enjoy, Jo xx

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