The Incredible Artwork Of Adam Sturch.

Adams work really caught my eye. After reading his bio I was very intrigued. Adams story and journey are so incredible and his work speaks for itself.

Welcome to the work and mind  of Adam Sturch.

Here is a snip it from Adams Bio.

“Art for me has always been a need. A form of expression that felt natural, maybe because it transcends spoken language that many things spoken are interpreted through our impression of the speaker. with static art, the speaker is removed, and the language is left open. I started creating at a very young age. painting, drawing anything I could get my hands on. My grand father used to roll masking paper from paint supply stores out on the floor when I was a kid, and I would draw all day.
By the time I was 15, I was very dedicated to art. My family had moved to a very small community in northern new mexico, and art, as always, remained my outlet for anything in my life. family issues prompted me to leave home, and high school at 17. It was early spring, cold and raining. I bagged up my sketch book, what I could carry on my back and left. I had been writing to a girl I met in Denver the previous summer, and we made plans to go to the art school in Colorado.  I would get my GED, and carry on as planned.
After a difficult time in Dever, frustrated, I quit school and started working full time. That winter I lost both of my jobs and was put in the situation of living on the street or returning home. I went back to new mexico.

I returned to work full time. The isolation and long hours wore me down. In November of 2010, I suffered a complete nervous breakdown. I developed insomnia, then hallucinations. I committed myself to the Las Vegas new mexico mental health hospital where I stayed for approximately two months.
This experience was a nightmare for me.

Facebook has given me a venue for my art. A perfect format, a picture and a few words… ideal for plastic arts. the interaction it provided and provides are also a great source of encouragement and stability in my life. as with many debilitating illness, schizophrenia carries with it a social stigma. especially in small towns where rumours spread faster than fire, socialising having never been easy for me in the first place, has become more difficult. so, when I discovered Facebook as a medium, I was thrilled. I scrapped together enough to buy a computer- my first in 2011, a camera soon after. Since I have rededicated myself to art completely, It has become my life. It is my love, and it has always been there. and always will be.
My work ranges from political, personal, conceptual, to non objective abstraction and many variations between. my mediums are anything I can get my hands on. these days I prefer working on light surfaces, for the reason that I have lost and been forced to throw away many works done on heavier surfaces.
– Adam Sturch.”

Following are some of the pieces that really caught my eye.

Jo xx

Distant Voices

Adam says distant voices is about the nature of hallucination. Voices heard by schizophrenics, as so called presently, shamans, or mystics either stem from internal knowledge, or are transmitted externally. The view conveyed in this drawing is that they are one in the same. Our physical reality is interwoven and inseparable from the mind of the universe, the mind of nature.

Scape goat

This is one of my personal favourites. You can see the emotion pouring out of it. Adam produced this painting during a personally depressing time surrounding the death of his half brother.

Coincidentia oppositorum.

This is a drawing about the union of opposites. the individual is divided in two, the mind, a extension of all mind- as represented by the continuation of the serpent texture into the sky, unifies conflicting impulses with every decision.

Necroptic Conductor.

The concept behind this drawing is that dmt, Hallucinogenic neurotransmitters are behind communication and procreation drive from the earliest life, specifically Cephalopods. This drawing is about the idea of language stemming from emotion. The drive to live. Also the sponge in the drawing is modelled after a sponge containing dmt. Communication is necessary for the simplest cell division. If hallucinogens prompted spoken language in higher primates, why not octopi? and if octopi? why not all life? since almost all organisms, plant or animal produce.

Seasons present.

Seasons present is based conceptually around the moment of now, the present reflects the past, and is itself reflected by the future, therefore all hinges on the present moment.

You can find more of Adams work on his facebook page

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