Beautiful Poetry From The Mind Of Christopher Whitney.

I have been chatting a little with Christopher over the past 24 hours. His love of words rivals mine. Christopher, also known as “The Ruined Man” has the gift of being able to create magical poetry, whereas I simply love reading beautiful words. The image below has really hit home with me and was a stand out when I started reading through his Facebook page.

Here are a few words from Christopher himself about his journey. I have also chosen a few of his pieces that I really connected with.

‘My name is Christopher, and I am a writer. I love the art of writing and I am very passionate about my work. I write because it helps me. It isn’t because I want the attention, or to be rich and famous. I don’t just write for my work to be seen, I write for my work to be set free. Because that is how it helps me, whenever I release my writing to the world, I am letting it go and the weight of it is lifted from me the moment it takes flight. These words are more than words, they are feelings, emotions, states of being, therapy, and if I kept all this bottled up inside of me, I would implode. So that is why I write because it helps me. And since I have started writing, my work has come to help others too, people who are going through similar journeys, people who face similar struggles in life, and battle similar demons.”

The last line in this is what really got me. I love it.

I adore the beautiful simplicity of this one.

What a Lad!!

Word perfection.

They are NOT worth you.

The old Viking way …

I absolutely adore this one.

I hope you have enjoyed his work as much as I have. You can follow Christopher on his Facebook page called The Ruined Man.