Spider Salad


This is a brilliant recipe for those with more sensitive palates. The spider salad will be a hit at any BBQ this summer and you will be the talk of the neighborhood .. for a variety of reasons.

In addition to tarantulas, you can use a variety of spiders. Just make sure you know whats available to you in your geographical area and be careful to watch out for the poisonous ones. You must know your critters well for this recipe.


Your favorite spiders, of course.



Portobello mushrooms

Radishes and scallions.


Steam your spiders live, as this is a safe method of both asphyxiating them and keeping them crisp and fresh. You’ll want to chop the legs off the larger spiders and quarter them… did you catch all of that?

Prepare a bed of romaine lettuce, parsley, portobello mushrooms (chopped), radishes, and scallions. Toss in approximately 1 cup chopped spiders, much as you would in a seafood salad, then a generous amount of olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice, and fresh ground pepper.


Bon appetite!

Jo xx

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