When Haunted Dolls Attack!

Well, most of us have seen Child’s play and good old Chucky gave me nightmares for weeks. What would you do if you came across a haunted doll?

The following are some of the most haunted dolls in the world and the story behind them. I have given myself a royal case of the heebie-jeebies writing this. Don’t forget to watch the video at the end!

Patty Reed’s Doll


Eight-year-old Patty Reed was traveling to California in 1846 with her family and other pioneers, a group known to history as the Donner Party. As you may well already know, this group of travelers became snowbound and turned to eating bits of leather, mice, old bones and finally, each other.

Halfway through their journey, the Reeds asked Patty to get rid of all her toys and other unnecessary items to lighten the wagon’s load. Though she complied, Patty managed to smuggle her beloved doll beneath her dress.

While this doll isn’t known to be haunted, it has a rather macabre place in history. It’s difficult to look at it and not immediately think of little Patty Reed chewing on human flesh.

Voodoo Zombie Doll


Why this thing has not been put through a furnace is beyond me. Its one of the creepiest things I have seen.

The voodoo zombie doll originated in New Orleans and was sold through eBay to a woman in Galveston, Texas. The eBay listing gave rules to abide by while owning this doll. These included not removing it from its silver casing, a rule the woman broke as soon as the doll arrived. She would come to regret that decision. What an idiot, seriously.

The woman claims little hairy voodoo would attack her repeatedly. She relisted it on eBay several times and succeeded in selling it, only to have the new buyer receive an empty box while the doll kept reappearing at her doorstep… F**k that.



Yes, you did read that correctly.  There’s nothing to be remotely afraid of when it comes to the tickle monster . . . until he threatens to murder you.

Back in 2008, two-year-old James Bowman had an Elmo Knows Your Name doll. The doll was programmed to recite its owner’s name, along with various other personalized phrases. This particular doll not only knew James’s name but liked to include the word “kill” before it. Elmo would sing “Kill James!” repeatedly until James’s distraught mother Melissa decided to put it out of the toddler’s sight.

The doll only began spewing death threats after its batteries had been changed. Fisher-Price, what have you got to say for yourself? HUH!


Mandy is a porcelain baby doll made in England or Germany between 1910 and 1920 and donated to the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia in 1991. Mandy’s donor had said she would hear crying in the middle of the night coming from the basement, and it wasn’t until after she gave Mandy away that the crying ceased. I mean what the hell, I would have thrown Mandy in the furnace with the damn voodoo thing.

It took the museum some time to decide where to place Mandy. They say she couldn’t be encased with other dolls because she had a tendency to harm them. Visitors to the museum say her eyes will blink or follow you wherever you walk. She also likes to mess with camera equipment whenever anyone tries to photograph or film her.

For the love of GOD, BURN HER!

Letta The Gypsy Doll


In 1972, Kerry Walton returned to his Australian hometown for his grandmother’s funeral. During this time, he decided to face a childhood fear by visiting an abandoned building that had scared him for years. When he went to this house, he discovered an old marionette underneath its porch. Kerry felt compelled to take it home with him, and they’ve been together ever since. So romantic …

According to psychics, the doll was made 200 years ago by a Romanian gypsy for his son who had drowned. The gypsies believed in spirit transference, and dolls would act as a new home for the dead. The doll has real human hair, and underneath the scalp is a likeness of a human brain. He was given the name Letta, or Ledda, due to his European gypsy heritage, or because the doll occasionally screams, “Letta me out!”… Let you out? ARE YOU INSANE?

 Dogs bark and attempt to attack whenever they’re near Letta because they are SMART. Letta is also supposedly capable of moving on his own, changing positions while seated, and emitting a pulse while held.


Chrystal, True, Monika, Sharla, Isaac, Lilly, Ashley, and Cameron


Great! just what the world needs, a posse of possessed little mofo’s.

These are the names of the different possessed dolls that live with a family of five in rural Pennsylvania. The owners of these dolls purchased each one knowing that they were haunted because clearly they have all lost their minds.

 As investigators of the paranormal, the owners wanted to examine the dolls while also giving them a loving home. And for our viewing pleasure, a camera has been set up to record the dolls all day and night long. Some people enjoy watching puppies and kittens, others like watching a live feed of porcelain dolls that want to kill you in your sleep and steal your sanity!… WHY NOT!.. to each their own…

Just when you thought it was safe to go to the fridge and grab another beer… along comes youtube. These are the 5 scariest dolls caught on tape. I don’t know why I do this to myself. I will be buying a Chucky doll at Supernova this year. I will get back to you on what happens .. Enjoy, I need a Valium after watching this.

Have you had an experience with a haunted doll? I would love to hear from you.

Jo xx

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