Jeff Oliver’s Strange Sounds

If you are among those that others in our population might describe as being a misfit, or strange and misunderstood,  then you are among the exact readership that Jeff Oliver is hoping to reach with his poignant and gut-wrenching poetry.  It is in your face real and relatable to those of us that walk to the beat of a slightly different drum.


Jeff was born in Baltimore,Maryland in 1982 but was brought up in southern Pennsylvania.  He now lives in western New York with his beautiful wife and soulmate, Jennie, who he credits as being his inspiration and reason to continue dreaming the dream he’s had since the age of 11; that of becoming a published author and presenting the square pegged into round holes of society with a voice that he hopes will meld with their own and speak to them from the depths of his soul.

His first published work is a compilation of his poetry whose honesty and uniqueness is wonderfully refreshing in an age of followers that don’t mind receiving a trophy for the dubious honor of only showing up.  This man actually creates.

You can find this debut work for sale at both Barnes and Noble and Amazon by clicking the respective links.


Strange Sounds


The following is an excerpt from the book:

All She Ever Wanted


She always had a self esteem
That she kept away from the world
She always had the biggest dreams
Of a special kind of girl
Always needed the support she craved
Never asking for a thing
With all the cards she has to play
The dealer’s always winning

All she ever wanted
Was the love that she lost
All she ever dreamed
Was to stop paying the cost
All she ever wanted
Was you

She was always there
All along
Playing over and over
Your favorite song
She never could really get away
From the burdons of her heart
Until the day came
When she took over the stars
Revealing every scar

All she ever wanted
Was the love that she lost
All she ever dreamed
Was to stop paying the cost
All she ever wanted
Was you

She never could really get away
From the burdons of her heart
Until the day came
When she took over the stars
Revealing every scar…

Jeff states- “This collection comes from the very depths of my soul, no storyline, just pure emotion. I just let the words flow through me, without thinking. One moment I write about love, the next could be Hell. The subjects in this book range from, love, hate, pain, beauty, monsters, and my views on racism. Racism is s very touchy subject for me, as you will read my explosive emotions. As you read each page, these words and images will take you on a journey you will never experience again.”

The images I’ve included with this post are from Jeff’s Facebook fan page. which is dedicated to his work.  You can find WORDS FROM THE SOUL by clicking that title.

Make sure that you visit and also, do each of your friends and family members a favor and share the link to the page with them so they can visit and enjoy his work as well. Don’t forget to smash the LIKE button for the page while you’re there!

I particularly love the next piece.

Jeff also says, “I am releasing a novel unlike anything else in February 2020, I have fused poetry into a horror story which I hope takes readers into a place they’ve never been. My book Strange Sounds was my debut poetry collection and it was a milestone in my writing career.

Jeff also has dabbled writing lyrics and with fellow band member, Melekai Joe, has created what I find to be a very interesting sound, which when matched with his haunting lyrics combines for an awesome listen.  Check it out below.

Suffice it to say that Jeff Oliver is a man of many talents and gifts and we’re lucky to have him creating at this time in  our lives when so much is fraught with dishonesty or hidden behind masks of what people think we want to see when actually all most people want, or at least I know I do, are a few Words From The Soul.

Don’t forget to stop by Barnes and Noble or Amazon and pick up a copy of Strange Sounds.

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Beautiful Poetry From The Mind Of Christopher Whitney.

I have been chatting a little with Christopher over the past 24 hours. His love of words rivals mine. Christopher, also known as “The Ruined Man” has the gift of being able to create magical poetry, whereas I simply love reading beautiful words. The image below has really hit home with me and was a stand out when I started reading through his Facebook page.

Here are a few words from Christopher himself about his journey. I have also chosen a few of his pieces that I really connected with.

‘My name is Christopher, and I am a writer. I love the art of writing and I am very passionate about my work. I write because it helps me. It isn’t because I want the attention, or to be rich and famous. I don’t just write for my work to be seen, I write for my work to be set free. Because that is how it helps me, whenever I release my writing to the world, I am letting it go and the weight of it is lifted from me the moment it takes flight. These words are more than words, they are feelings, emotions, states of being, therapy, and if I kept all this bottled up inside of me, I would implode. So that is why I write because it helps me. And since I have started writing, my work has come to help others too, people who are going through similar journeys, people who face similar struggles in life, and battle similar demons.”

The last line in this is what really got me. I love it.

I adore the beautiful simplicity of this one.

What a Lad!!

Word perfection.

They are NOT worth you.

The old Viking way …

I absolutely adore this one.

I hope you have enjoyed his work as much as I have. You can follow Christopher on his Facebook page called The Ruined Man.