The Dark, Deviant and Delightful Work of Dan Verkys

I have such a passion for art, particularly dark art. I have been running Arts from the Darkness for a few years now and upon my travels certain pieces would always make me stop dead in my tracks. I felt connected to so many pieces, finding myself lost in them and relating to them on a level beyond words. I could feel them. This was the incredible work of Dan Verkys.

A brief overview of Mr Verkys from his website, The Art Of Dan Verkys.

“Residing in Romsey, Victoria, Australia, Dan’s work comprises of digital compositing, 3D rendered forms and photographic manipulation. He is renowned for his work in the dark fantasy genre. His work attempts to blur the balance between menace and beauty. His work can be found in numerous publications, merchandise, literature, DVD and CD packaging both nationally and internationally.”

I want to share some of my favourites with you. The pieces that touch my soul.

For in dreams we weep ..

This piece connects with a deep darkness within me. A familiar place I love, but can only visit. A place I had to learn to control.

Midnight in the forest of dreams..

A place to call home. Peace in the forest of dreams …

We are worlds apart..

My favourite piece. A painful but necessary reminder of being separated from my siblings at such a young age and yearning for us all to be in the same country again. As dark as it is, it keeps me going on my quest to make that happen.

Summoning of the carrion crow..

I have a huge affection for crows. The crow is my spirit animal. This is deliciously dark and sexy.

Forbidden Whispers..

One that can speak a million words, words that can’t come out. It’s so dark and personifies the forbidden.

Haunted Past..

Speaks for itself .. we all have one, as much as we all have three faces. To me, the woman depicted here is showing the face she keeps to herself, her true self..  did I mention I own an axe?

Sensory reclamation..

This captures my love of skulls, birds, alcohol, colour and unicorns! lol … don’t ask..

Oraculum le fides..

All art is open to personal interpretation. So much going on in this for me. The crown of thorns she wears, religion is the epitome of evil to me, the loss of teeth.. in a dream it means to hold in a lie or a feeling of being unable to speak the truth. The souls within her? are they her demons? is she battling to keep them down? Such a wicked piece of art.

Exorcism of doubt..

It speaks for itself but I adore this piece. Shattering though the chains of your own mind and learning to fly. No easy feat by any means, usually coming at the end of huge personal growth and spiritual awakening. A time when the sheeple think you’re losing your mind … but you are indeed, waking up.

There is so much of Dan’s work that inspires me, makes me think, feel, smile and reflect. You can follow Dan’s work on Facebook 

Purchase his amazing prints here… at GardenOfBadThings

Purchase some of his merchandise here…at Hive Mind

Follow him on Instagram here..

I want to thank Mr Verkys for letting me write this. When I contacted him and he wrote back I had a bit of a fan girl moment! And what can I say, the guy likes TOOL!

If you have any feedback, I would love to hear from you.

Jo xxx

There’s A Demon On The Lose In Utah…. It’s Time To Call The Vatican.

Source: Twitter

Twitter is abuzz with the latest demon sighting.  A very freaked out photographer has captured what he believes is an evil spirit lurking outside the bar. This bizarre spectacle was spotted in Salt Lake City in Utah, the US.

 In the image from Google Maps, a small dark figure is seen looming by the bar. The image was then uploaded to Twitter, where many have expressed their horror.

Video Source: The Daily Star

Personally .. I think its just the shadow of a drunk patron. I am a strong believer of the spirit world and think its something that is NOT to be taken lightly or messed with.  From what I hear, a couple of adventurous fella’s were trying to summon one with candles… Perhaps they got more than they bargained for?

What are your thoughts on Demons? do they exist? News out of the Vatican is saying that exorcists are forced to run online services as Italy has seen a massive explosion in demon possessions. They are blaming the increase on a growing number of people seeking the services of fortune tellers and Tarot readers in recent years….

Let me know what you think? I would love to hear from you.

Jo xx

A Beautiful Collection Of Trending Black Flowers.

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

The most beautiful are black,

To say I love you.

Okay, that was dreadful…. but black flowers are increasing in popularity. They are bold, beautiful and breaking tradition all around the world.

The Bat Orchid

I am not a fan of roses at all, but I have to say I adore the black rose.

Calla Lily ‘Night Cap’ – an exotic variety, its glossy, almost black. So very beautiful.

This is the “I have no idea what it’s called, but its so pretty” flower.

A stunning black orchid.

The dark burgundy or nearly black hellebores are highly appreciated for their colour, and I can see why.

Black Dark Purple Pansy. Mad love for these.

Black Craspedia. It may sound like an STD.. but these little balls are gorgeous.

Asiatic Lilies. This one is my favourite of the bunch.

Black Gerber. Divine.

Do you have a favourite? I would love to hear from you.

Jo xx

Beautiful Poetry From The Mind Of Christopher Whitney.

I have been chatting a little with Christopher over the past 24 hours. His love of words rivals mine. Christopher, also known as “The Ruined Man” has the gift of being able to create magical poetry, whereas I simply love reading beautiful words. The image below has really hit home with me and was a stand out when I started reading through his Facebook page.

Here are a few words from Christopher himself about his journey. I have also chosen a few of his pieces that I really connected with.

‘My name is Christopher, and I am a writer. I love the art of writing and I am very passionate about my work. I write because it helps me. It isn’t because I want the attention, or to be rich and famous. I don’t just write for my work to be seen, I write for my work to be set free. Because that is how it helps me, whenever I release my writing to the world, I am letting it go and the weight of it is lifted from me the moment it takes flight. These words are more than words, they are feelings, emotions, states of being, therapy, and if I kept all this bottled up inside of me, I would implode. So that is why I write because it helps me. And since I have started writing, my work has come to help others too, people who are going through similar journeys, people who face similar struggles in life, and battle similar demons.”

The last line in this is what really got me. I love it.

I adore the beautiful simplicity of this one.

What a Lad!!

Word perfection.

They are NOT worth you.

The old Viking way …

I absolutely adore this one.

I hope you have enjoyed his work as much as I have. You can follow Christopher on his Facebook page called The Ruined Man.