28 Mastectomy Tats- Winning Women Survivors

I’d love to be able to say that I can’t imagine what it feels like to have to contemplate the few options that women with breast cancer are given after surgery when it comes to dealing with what they’re going to do with the unattractive carnage left by scalpels that while in marring, hopefully at the same time saved their lives.

The mastectomy is just the beginning. There’s chemotherapy, sometimes coupled with radiation, hair loss, and just general malaise.  You don’t think too much about your missing tata or tatas just then; but there comes a time when you have to decide if you didn’t at the time of the original surgery, reconstructive surgery or no? Even with reconstructive surgery, you’re left without a reasonable facsimile of a nipple and other scar tissue.  I do know though, and that makes me admire the pictures following and the women in them, even more.

I applaud these 28 brave and winning women survivors and the choice they’ve made in dealing with their disfigurement.

I would have liked to be able to source all of the tattoo artists who are responsible for such stupendous work but unfortunately, that information wasn’t given from the many different sources I found these images. To each and all of you involved in such projects, kudos!

If you had to make such a difficult choice as these women have what do you think you would do? And you men, what would you think about this if it was your wife or girlfriend? Let us know, I, in particular, would be very interested in knowing.

What Were These Couples Thinking

Photography is an art and it takes reasonable technical skill as well as talent to understand things such as aspect ratio, depth of field, aperture priority, barrel distortion and on and on.  Composition!  The following images that were, I would think, taken by a professional, leave something to be desired.  I suppose the photographer could have been following specific wishes on the part of the couples, but even then, you would think he might have tried to talk them out of it!  Let us know what you think about these negative or positive.

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Louis Comfort Tiffany Stained Glass

Louis Comfort Tiffany is one of America’s most esteemed artists and had a career which spanned five decades, beginning in the 1870s and lasting through the 1920s. He not only produced leaded-glass windows, mosaics, lighting, glass, pottery, metalwork, enamels, jewelry, and interiors, he was also a painter, which is how he began his artistic career. His father was Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Company, which was and still is renowned for its silver creations.  Rather than joining the family business, he struck out on his own creating such awesome work as the following windows.


Garden Landscape

Tree of Life

Oyster Bay




Sunset Landscape

Danner Memorial Window

The Holy City

Thomas Lynch Window

He is of course also known for his design of beautiful stained glass lampshades.



I have several lamps with stained glass shades and while pretty they can in no way attempt to rival in beauty and design the wonderful work of Louis Comfort Tiffany.  I’m going to be looking into recent designers of stained glass pieces and will be writing about them soon.  Stay tuned!

Fantastic Animated Gifs

I do a little bit of animation from time to time.  I can do some very simple things, like make pseudo-neon flashing signs, and I can ripple the surface of water etc and like I said, that is all very simple.  These following pieces by their various artists are just out of this world. I have no doubt that I will never achieve anything close to their greatness.

The name on this animated gif was 3 but I prefer to think of it as Rainbow Sprinkles. By Paolo Ceric Thought it was pretty neat.

Animated gif by Paolo Ceric

This guy never ceases to amaze me. It really makes me want to do even something so simple as the neon sign effect.

animated gif

Animated gif by Paolo Ceric

I had been unable to find the artist who created the following piece and I searched quite a few places for quite some time. Finally did. 

Crazy swirling rainbow animated gif

David Skazaly

David Whyte is a Ph.D. candidate at Trinity College in Dublin and has co-authored papers on esoteric topics like a Z-cone model for the energy of an ordered foam, and is also a prolific artist whose medium of choice is the animated gif. The following is his creation.



So what do you think? Awesome right?  You know it’s so.